About the Islamlar area

About the Islamlar area

Islamlar village (Bodamya or Bodamia) in Greek times is a wonderfully lush area in the Taurus Mountains; the local industries are olive growing and growing grapes for wine. Also renowned for its fresh water trout farms. The village stretches up the verdant mountainside, through thick forestation; the result of plentiful supply of fresh water. Sleepy and relaxed, the pace of life has probably barely changed in a hundred years or more. Why rush around when it means you'd miss the view - and the chance to catch up with what's going on with your friends and neighbours? 

Together with the local villagers we are delighted to provide an opportunity for guests to appreciate this, stunning and unusual style of holiday. Islamlar itself consists of a rambling collection of wonderful old houses, a Mosque, a cay (tea) garden and a bakery, where the flour is still ground between stone using natural water power – an amazing sight. 

The men of the village will extend you a warm welcome in the cay garden, where endless hours are spent putting the world to rights. Islamlar is a simple village set in the mountains with spectacular views down to Kalkan and Patara beach in the distance. Kalkan is fifteen minutes drive and the Mediterranean’s longest sandy beach – Patara is thirty-five minutes drive away. 

There are some great walking paths surrounding the villa or drive around exploring the stunning Taurus mountain range. The mountainside is incredibly green, thanks to the plentiful supply of mountain water and the (somewhat) cooler temperatures here. In the heat of the summer, the fresh mountain air makes the heat a little more bearable. In early and late season, the cooler temperatures make the area ideal for those who enjoy walking or exploring. 

As the villa is close to parts of the famous Lycian Way, it is a natural choice for walkers. The area is renowned for its trout restaurants. These simple constructions provide wonderful views down the valley and have provided us with some of the most enjoyable meals we have experienced in Turkey. Please do not feel by this we mean the fare is extravagant. Menus are simple and absolutely fresh, usually consisting of salads, goats cheese, a few local mezze, delicious fresh trout or chicken, followed by fresh fruit. It may seem strange to describe this fare as memorable, but the combination of the natural tastes – completely free of chemicals – the sound of the mountain streams and the magnificent scenery just cannot fail to impress. 

Our Favorite is Bodamya just a few minutes stroll down the road, they will also deliver if you feel you can’t leave your sun bed.

Should you want for something a little more sophisticated the restaurants (and cafés, bars, shops and beach clubs) of Kalkan are just fifteen minutes drive. It is possible to arrange a taxi one way or both, ensuring that you will never feel too remote in your peaceful haven. 

In short an idillic, peaceful and scenic mountain region, a short distance from the more cosmopolitan attractions of the coast, and an ideal base from which to explore the whole Lycian Turquoise coastal area.